Jungle Room Recording Studio & Stage

Two Recording Studio's for Long Term Rental - Live Performance Stage for Rehearsals, Video Shoots & Photography

Welcome to Jungle Room Recording Studio & Stage - Glendale, California, located close to the Burbank Media District in the greater Los Angeles area.

This is a multi- purpose facility the is perfect for Recording, Band Rehearsal, Video Shoots, Photo Shoots, Webcasting, etc.

The Room Measures 22’ X 33’ for a total footage of 726 Sq Feet.
Ceiling height is over 12’. There are 300 amps of power including cam-locks, schedule 40 ceiling mounted pipe for lighting. 4 Tons of air conditioning. Also available is an in-house 6900 watt QSC/Cantora Pro PA system with 2 side fills, 4 floor wedges, 32 input Yamaha LS9-32 mixing console which can output to an additional 5 pairs of stereo in-ear monitoring. The mic panel is routed both to the FOH console and also to a patch bay in the Jungle Room Control Room for recording purposes.

The Stage has its own lounge. Internet access is free. Ample street parking and a limited amount of off street parking. There are loading access double doors measuring 7’ X 7’.

The driveway access doors measure 3-1/2’ X 6.5’.


Equipment Included:


Yamaha LS9-32 mixing console



8 x ShureSM57’s
3 x Shure SM58’s
2 x Shure SM81’s
1 x Shure Beta 52A
4 x Sennheiser MD421’s
 1 x Sennheiser E815S
1 x Neumann KM184
 1 x Neumann U87
1 x AKG C12VR
2 x AKG C414’s
2 x AKG SE300B’s
1 x AKG D112
              1 x Audio-Technica AT4050                

2 x Audio-Technica AT4041’s                                                     


Direct Boxes

2 x Behringer DI100 (active)
1 x Stewart ADB-1 (active)
1 x EWI FDB-202 (2 channel, passive) 

1 x ProCo DB-1 (1 channel, passive)



TT Patch Bay
Digi002 Rack
Mackie DFX-12 (12 channel mixer)



Epiphone Blues Custom 30 Tube Rectifier (15W/30W tube guitar combo amp) 

Fender Blues-Junior (15W tube guitar combo amp)
Line 6 Low Down 110 (10” 75W bass combo amp)

Ampeg SVT Pro4 w/6x10 cab
Trace Acoustic TA70CR (80W acoustic guitar amp)

Line 6/Bogner Spider Valve 112 (40W guitar combo amp) 

Mesa Boogie (12” 60W/100W guitar combo amp)
Fender Sidekick 15 (15W guitar combo amp)



DW Pacifica Drum Kit (Kick, snare, hi-hat, 3 toms, 3 cymbals) Hammond B3 Organ with Leslie 147
Fender Rhodes Stage Piano
Roland JP8000 Keyboard

Fender P-Bass Bass Guitar Squire by Fender Stratocaster Fender Stratocaster
Epiphone Acoustic Guitar


Please contact Kevin Anderson for booking: kevin@jungleroom.net phone: (818)247-1991