Jungle Room Recording Studio & Stage

Recording Studio with Live Stage and Video Capability. Green Screen, Live Webcasting, Content Creation. A Magnificent Turn-key solution!

 Welcome to Jungle Room Recording Studio & Stage - Glendale, California, located close to the Burbank Media District in the greater Los Angeles area.

We feature Digital Audio & Video Production including a select choice of World-Class Microphones, Pre-amplifiers and Equalization. Jungle Room has the flexibility to accommodate all of your Audio and Video Production needs. Our experienced staff is dedicated to helping you achieve the highest quality production.

This is a multi- purpose facility the is perfect for Recording, Band Rehearsal, Video Shoots, Photo Shoots, Webcasting, etc.

The Room Measures 22’ X 33’ for a total footage of 726 Sq Feet.
Ceiling height is over 12’. There are 300 amps of power including cam-locks, schedule 40 ceiling mounted pipe for lighting. 4 Tons of air conditioning. Also available is an in-house 6900 watt QSC/Cantora Pro PA system with 2 side fills, 4 floor wedges, 32 input Yamaha LS9-32 mixing console which can output to an additional 5 pairs of stereo in-ear monitoring. The mic panel is routed both to the FOH console and also to a patch bay in the Jungle Room Control Room for recording purposes.

The Stage has its own lounge. Internet access is free. Ample street parking and a limited amount of off street parking. There are loading access double doors measuring 7’ X 7’.

The driveway access doors measure 3-1/2’ X 6.5’.


Equipment Included:


Yamaha LS9-32 mixing console



8 x ShureSM57’s
3 x Shure SM58’s
2 x Shure SM81’s
1 x Shure Beta 52A
4 x Sennheiser MD421’s
 1 x Sennheiser E815S
1 x Neumann KM184
 1 x Neumann U87
1 x AKG C12VR
2 x AKG C414’s
2 x AKG SE300B’s
1 x AKG D112
              1 x Audio-Technica AT4050                

2 x Audio-Technica AT4041’s                                                     


Direct Boxes

2 x Behringer DI100 (active)
1 x Stewart ADB-1 (active)
1 x EWI FDB-202 (2 channel, passive) 

1 x ProCo DB-1 (1 channel, passive)



TT Patch Bay
Digi002 Rack
Mackie DFX-12 (12 channel mixer)



Epiphone Blues Custom 30 Tube Rectifier (15W/30W tube guitar combo amp) 

Fender Blues-Junior (15W tube guitar combo amp)
Line 6 Low Down 110 (10” 75W bass combo amp)

Ampeg SVT Pro4 w/6x10 cab
Trace Acoustic TA70CR (80W acoustic guitar amp)

Line 6/Bogner Spider Valve 112 (40W guitar combo amp) 

Mesa Boogie (12” 60W/100W guitar combo amp)
Fender Sidekick 15 (15W guitar combo amp)



DW Pacifica Drum Kit (Kick, snare, hi-hat, 3 toms, 3 cymbals) Hammond B3 Organ with Leslie 147
Fender Rhodes Stage Piano
Roland JP8000 Keyboard

Fender P-Bass Bass Guitar Squire by Fender Stratocaster Fender Stratocaster
Epiphone Acoustic Guitar


Please contact Kevin Anderson for booking: kevin@jungleroom.net phone: (818)247-1991